bullet journal: March 2018 spreads

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t been active on this blog since I created it back in November. I am back today to show you my March spreads in my bullet journal! I actually haven’t stopped bullet journalling in the meantime, so there are a ton of spreads you haven’t seen yet.


This page introduces my March spreads. I included a little calendar and for the very first time, I’ll try to keep track of my moods.

monthly spread

Next up is my monthly spread. In this calender I write important meetings (I still have to add some; don’t judge my boring life, lol). On the right side I made room to keep track of the books I read, the books I buy and important notes for April.

first week & habit tracker

I kind of messed up on this page because these habit trackers should be near my monthly spreads. Though I already have a mood tracker, I wanted to include habit trackers as well. During my therapy sessions we agree on certain tasks (e.g. do daily relaxation exercises) and this way, I won’t “forget” about them.

weekly spread

Finally, this is one of my weekly spreads. Each day gets its own box and underneath that dotted line, I have to write down my meetings and appointments. Otherwise, I use my weekly spreads to keep track of my blog posts.

I have a ton of room left on the left side, but I don’t know what I’m going to do with that yet. On the right side there’s room for a ‘to do’ list.

So these are my March 2018 spreads! This month could be a huge turning point in my life, which is why I kept these pages pretty basic. I’m able to change this if need be.

supplies used: Zebra Mildliners, Artline Stix, stickers (AliExpress)

Thank you for reading,





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