March 2019 Bullet Journal Spreads

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing my March 2019 bullet journal spreads with you. This month’s colour is green.

Pinterest is my main source of inspiration. This board I made helped me while drawing these spreads.

I want this year’s spreads to be more cohesive by using the same types of decorations, such as brown paper.

Sadly after taking this picture, I had to throw away the succulent you can see in the right side corner 😦 All it’s leaves were falling off. I’m so sad I killed two succulents that day.

Anyway, at the start of each month, I draw a title page. How ironic that I drew plants… R.I.P.

Next up is a calendar. The second week of March is a week off in my country, hence the grey highlights. My life is pretty unpredictable at the moment, so I only have two official plans this month, at the hospital. I wish my plans were more fun 😦

Finally, here’s an example of my weekly spreads. I always use a ruler, but this month I didn’t and I regret it. The majority of these pages are dedicated to the blog posts I plan on writing. There’s also room for a little to do list on the right page and at the bottom, there’s a weekly overview of my appointments.

Did you enjoy this look at my March bullet journal spreads? Do you have a bullet journal?

Thank you for reading,



11 thoughts on “March 2019 Bullet Journal Spreads

  1. I don’t have a bullet journal, but I love looking at your spreads. I love how you used green for March, it’s very springy. Your doodles and hand-lettering are amazing!

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  2. I am just getting into bullet journaling, so I really enjoy reading posts like this where you share what works for you and how you set up your spreads. I’m definitely more of a weekly + daily than a monthly girl…I don’t have a lot going on right now that requires a monthly calendar. Then again, I’m going back to school in a few months so that will most likely change. I love how flexible bullet journaling is!

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      1. For me the best part is the flexibility, that you can change it based on what works for you. But I’m realizing just how much fun it is designing spreads and experimenting. I guess I always thought bullet journaling was for super artistic people so it’s nice realizing that it’s okay to make mistakes and just have fun.


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