I’ve made some changes to my blog!

Hello my fellow book lovers! This is Chelsea, previously known as ‘romweasley’! I decided to change all my social media to ‘slytherink’, which was quite the hassle! I lost all the likes on my blog in the meantime, but I’m ready for this change!

So why did I do this? As much as I love books, I haven’t been reading at all lately. Hence why I haven’t been blogging, haven’t posted on my Instagram in ages, etc. Instead, I’ve been focussing on my “art”. I draw almost daily now and I want to talk about that hobby as well.

At first I created a second blog, but that wasn’t working out for me. Having two separate accounts on each social media platform meant I always ended up neglecting one. So instead, I decided to merge my accounts and talk about everything I love, not just one of my hobbies.

Do not worry though, the majority of my posts will still be dedicated to books. In addition, I’ll also post my bullet journal spreads each month, review some art supplies, etc.

You can also check me out on Instagram and Twitter!

Thank you for reading,


10 thoughts on “I’ve made some changes to my blog!

  1. I absolutely love your new url, Chelsea! I love blogs that do various types of content – even though I’m not an artist, I really loved reading your recent art supplies review.

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