Art Supplies Wishlist

Hello, everyone! I own quite a lot of art supplies (I like to spend money when I’m feeling down, which is a terrible habit, because seeing my empty bank account definitely doesn’t make me cheerful) but *Ariel from The Little Mermaid voice* I WANT MORE.

So today, I am going to talk about some art supplies that I would love to get. If you have any of these products, you can let me know whether you recommend them or not 🙂 Because there’s so much awesome stuff out there, I can’t possibly mention everything I want to own someday in only one post, so I might make more of these in the future.

Anyway, these are in no particular order.

2018 new Tombow Brush Pens

I own every single Tombow dual brush pen, except for the 12 new colours that were released a couple of months ago. There are two new sets (Vintage and Candy colours) and I’m very keen to add these to my collection!

Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils Portrait Set

In January, I bought a used set of 72 Prismacolor Premier coloured pencils. It was one of Amazon’s Warehouse Deals and I was so happy when they arrived in perfect condition, the box hadn’t even been opened yet! Though I think I will have to improve my colouring skills beforehand, the portrait set seems like a great addition once I want to draw more people.

Sepia Multiliners

Because I use a variety of media, the fineliners I purchase must be water- and alcohol-proof. I own black fineliners from an assortment of brands such as Staedtler and Sakura Micron, yet I would like to get some sepia ones as well. They’re harder to find and pricier, but I’ve noticed many artists on YouTube use them.


Copics are probably on many artists’ wishlist. I lost all self-control towards the end of 2018 and ended up buying 72 Ciao markers and 12 Sketch ones. In my defence, they were on sale, but it was still a very pricey investment. Because I bought so many markers at once, I’m satisfied with the assortment of colours I have. That said, I wouldn’t say no to even more options 😉

Schmincke watercolours

Watercolour is one of my favourite art mediums. Though I own a variety of water-based brush pens such as Sakura Koi, Tombow and Ecoline, I tend to use my Kuretake Gansai set for most of my pieces. I know those are very different from traditional Western watercolours, however, of which I don’t really own a decent set. As much as people praise Schmincke, I can’t bring myself to pay such a high price for so few colours, yet. Once I improve my watercolour skills, I might go for it.

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So here are a handful of art supplies I would love to own someday! This is a pricey wishlist, though, and I really hope – for my bank account’s sake – I won’t make too many impulsive purchases.

Do you own any of these products? If so, would you recommend them?

Thank you for reading,



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