2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hello, I have decided to revive my blog! I only uploaded one post in the past year and I am determined to do better in 2019. Today, I’ll be showing you some of the spreads in my new bullet journal.

For the third year in a row, I’ll be using a MUS bullet journal. In Belgium and probably the Netherlands as well, you can buy these in many shops.

I already regret using this bullet journal, however, as the ink ghosting is really starting to bother me. Since watching several videos on YouTube where people compare different journals, I realised that there are better quality ones out there, and cheaper! Because I’d already made so many of my spreads though, I decided to wait another year before I make the change.


I didn’t include many spreads you’d usually find at the beginning of a bullet journal because quite frankly, I don’t tend to use those. I mainly use my journal to keep track of my reading, blog and weekly schedule.

monthly index.png

I would like to use the same style in each of my spreads this year, but I’ll be giving every month a different colour. Here’s a sneak peek at my January spreads: the colour I’ll be using is a dark blue!

wrap up.png

Those colours will not only return in my monthly spreads, but in my wrap-up sheets as well. I am an avid reader and use these pages to keep track of the books I’ve read. The books I’ll read in January, for example, will be highlighted in blue.

Because I wasn’t in the mood to draw a hundred books, I used these handy printables! I didn’t make these myself, credit goes to Starts At Eight.

2019 reading challenge

In 2018 I managed to read 100 books, but as in previous years, my reading goal is to read at least 52 books. Once I finish one, I’ll get to cross out one box. For my other reading related goals, check out my book blog!

book haul.png

I am not only an avid reader, but also quite a bit of a book hoarder. These spreads are dedicated to the books I haul in 2019. Every time I get a book, I have to write it underneath the corresponding month. Let’s hope this will be enough space to write all those titles down! #IShouldGoOnBookBuyingBan

backlist tbr

I don’t like to plan which book I’m going to read next, but I tend to neglect a lot of the books I own in favour of audiobooks. Several books have been on my shelves for years, and I ought to pick them up! So every three months, I’ll write down three book titles I have to read during that time period.

This drawing is inspired by a template you can buy on Etsy.

supplies used:
  • Pentel Touch brush sign pen – black
  • Staedtler Pigment Liners – black
  • stationery: Aliexpress

Here you go, these are the first spreads in my 2019 bullet journal!

Thank you for reading,



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