Chelsea’s Crime Corner: Making a Murderer (part 2)

Hello, my fellow true-crime lovers! As promised in my discussion post about the first part of the Netflix’s documentary Making a Murderer, I am going to discuss the second part today.

Note that these posts contain spoilers and I discuss elements I find worth exploring, so this isn’t a summary of the documentary.

The second part of Making a Murderer takes place after the release of the first part and ends mid 2018. It consists of ten episode just like the first part, which in my opinion wasn’t necessary.

I have to admit I was often bored while watching the new episodes of the documentary. Avery’s new attorney Kathleen Zellner attempts to prove alongside many forensic tests that evidence was planted. It was convincing, but it wasn’t new information. While watching the first part, I think most viewers were already convinced that many pieces of forensic evidence were not to be trusted.

One of my main issues was the “Keeping up with the Avery’s” aspect. Several minutes each episode are dedicated to pictures of Avery, footage from his parent’s kitchen, boring conversations that exist of “Yeah?” “Yeah”, footage from the first season… They’re included to make viewers feel sorry for the family. And I guess I do. But at the end of the day, I am convinced they would say and do the exact same things if their family members were undeniably guilty.

The pacing reflects the system of appeals, verdicts, etc. which is undoubtedly slow. I especially found the back and forth in Brendan’s case very frustrating. One second he is told he will be released from prison, the next he finds out he will have to wait several months for another verdict. Still, fans of the first season will watch the second, so most viewers already know the results of the numerous appeals. As if we wouldn’t have found out through the media if Avery and/or Dassey suddenly got released from prison.

The show without a doubt shows how difficult it is to overturn a court’s ruling. However, it is supposed to be that way! The vast majority of people who are imprisoned are guilty, so it shouldn’t be easy for them to get released. In my opinion, I think this season would’ve benefited from including other, separate cases to highlight the issues with the American justice system. Instead, viewers are lead to be believed there is a personal vendetta against Avery specifically by every individual involved and any other person would’ve been exonerated already, which is sadly not true. Other, similar cases are merely not as high profile as this one.

Perhaps the media attention is exactly the reason why neither side will ever give up and admit defeat. Film-makers should’ve waiting for something more radical to happen. Instead, it’s safe to say we can expect a third part in a several years.

As I mentioned in my previous discussion, I was interested to learn more about other suspects. If Avery (and Dassey, but I believe in his innocence) didn’t murder Teresa Halbach, who did? Thankfully, Kathleen Zellner did just that, so this season is nonetheless worth watching.

We learn that Teresa’s ex-boyfriend and her roommate were never asked by the police to provide an alibi. That’s absolutely appalling. Zellner provides even more proof that they should’ve been investigated further. I made a similar point in my initial discussion post, so it was nice to learn more about this possible suspect.

Despite inconsistencies in Teresa’s ex-boyfriend’s story, the attorney’s main suspect is Brendan Dassey’s brother Bobby and his step-father Scott. When Zellner explained her theory, I felt like I was finally told what really happened to Teresa Halbach. I already had my doubts about the two while watching the first part of this documentary, and Zellner’s research made them even more compelling suspects.

Bobby Dassey’s internet searches are disgusting, he needs to be in prison for that alone. He watched child pornography and looked at pictures of dismembered, tortured, etc. women. Those scenes were difficult to watch, because such filth triggers me and I don’t want to think that some humans get off on that. It’s horrifying. If you get aroused by such appalling images, were one of the last people to see the victim alive, made false statements during a trial… it’s not hard to imagine you are the person responsible for her death.

In conclusion, I still believe Brendan’s confession was false, but I am still not one hundred percent convinced Avery is innocent. Perhaps I don’t feel much sympathy for him because he turns on his own lawyers, thinks everyone is out to get him, etc. That said, there is more evidence that points to other suspects, primarily his cousin Bobby. After all, Zellner truly showed once again that much of the forensic evidence should not be trusted.

Nevertheless, even though we got a believable account of what could’ve happened to Teresa, this season was rather boring and needn’t have been ten episodes.

Have you watched the second part already? What did you think?

Stay Sexy and don’t get murdered,


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