bullet journal: my November spreads

Hello! It’s November 1st, so I will be showing you my November spreads today!

The weather keeps getting colder, so I decided to go with an icy-blue theme, combined with some grey details. I like to keep my spreads fairly simple, because I keep adding reminders and deadlines throughout the month, and it always ends up looking a bit messy.


First up is my monthly spread. I put the calendar on one page, because I don’t use it much anyway. I always highlight the holidays and weekends in a different colour.

I bought the washi tapes on AliExpress. I buy most of my stationary there (besides pens, markers, etc.) and I actually plan on posting a haul soon.


This is what my weekly spreads in November look like. Each day gets its own space, including the weekend. I added the dashed line to write down appointments and important deadlines underneath. Above, I write reminders for my blog, e.g. blog post I have to post that day.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of free space at the bottom of the left page. Like I said, I usually add things throughout the month. And if I don’t, I can always stick a cute sticker there.


This is a closer look at top of my weekly spreads. I put the month there, the corresponding week and a little calendar.

supplies used: Tombow fudenosuke and Zebra mildliner (blue and grey)

So these are my November spreads! I also added a spendings tracker at the end of the month, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Thank you for reading,



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